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Our services, centred on inspection and performed by COFREND COSAC Level 2 staff, are available :

In Production , Assembly and Maintenance :

  • On your site where you confide to us total or partial testing
  • On your dedicated means and/or on our portable devices
  • On a short term basis or medium/long term

LE BRIGAND NDT can bring you a comprehensive inspection solution in which Technical Support and Quality on the control line will be covered by our services in accordance with contractual requirements.
Methodical supports required throughout inspection may also be provided by the same staff.
LE BRIGAND NDT  meets your special organisation needs, whether it's shift work, Friday-Saturday-Sunday or Saturday-Sunday. We also answer your special logistic needs, either it's on your site or on your supplier's or client's site.


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The Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) specialist

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